Regular Classes

  • Traditional Kung Fu Instruction

    Each class will have a varied and different focus encompassing many areas such as self-defense applications, sparring and kata's, all while developing a total mind and body conditioning. This is all done while keeping a deep foundation in respect, discipline, history and tradition. Everyone is encouraged to be enthusiastic both in their own success as well as others, all while keeping the activity exciting and fun.

  • Kung Fu Club

    For those that wish to persue an even deeper knowledge of Kung Fu and its applications to attain a total self-development. Here is where weapons training and advanced sparring take place. You will learn to develop your 'Chi', inner strength. Through elevated workouts and breathing techniques you will learn to draw on that power from deep inside ones self.

Special and On-Demand Classes

  • Self Defense Classes

    These sessions are designed to give you the knowledge and skills to not only defend yourself if needed, but avoid harmful situations all together. Focusing not only on avoidance and prevention of becoming a victim, to practical hands-on instruction on what to do when being attacked. Please contact us for more information and bookings.


Pricing Information

  • Individual Rate

    $85.00 per month

  • Family Rate

    $150.00 per month (2 members of the same family)

    $200.00 per month (3 members of the same family)

    $250.00 per month (4 or more members of the same family)

  • Drop-in Rate

    $20.00 per class

  • Self Defense Class

    $89.00 (2 classes, 1.5 hours each)

  • Uniforms (Gi)

    $65.00 (all students are required to wear a gi for every class)

  • T-Shirts